Solar Repairs

At UEG we maintain, trouble shoot all aspect of Solar + Battery storage system. We will turn up onsite to discusses the issue of your system. 

 We will do visual and basic testing to identify the issue. We will discuss the solutions and once agreed we will conduct repairs or replacement of the component. We carryout below inspection on component involved in a typical solar system.

Inverter Issues: The inverter is an essential component of a solar power system that converts the DC electricity generated by the solar panels into AC electricity for use in your home or to be fed back into the grid. Inverters can occasionally fail or malfunction. In such cases, the inverter may need to be repaired or replaced.

Panel Damage: Solar panels are typically built to withstand harsh weather conditions, but they can still be damaged by severe hailstorms, falling debris, or other accidents. Cracked or broken panels can impact the overall performance of the system. Damaged panels should be assessed by a professional to determine if repair or replacement is necessary.

Wiring and Connection Problems: Electrical connections between solar panels, inverters, and the electrical grid can develop issues over time. Loose or corroded connections may result in reduced system efficiency or even complete system shutdown. It’s important to use a qualified technician inspect and repair any faulty wiring or connections.

Monitoring and Control Systems: Solar power systems often include monitoring and control systems that provide real-time data on energy production and system performance. If these systems encounter problems, they may need to be repaired or recalibrated to ensure accurate monitoring and control.

We can offer routine maintenance while not a repair, a routine maintenance can help prevent potential issues with your solar power system. This includes regular cleaning of solar panels to remove dirt, debris, and bird droppings that can reduce efficiency. Additionally, maintaining clear access to the panels and ensuring proper ventilation around the system’s components is important.

Removal & Disposal

Panel removal and disposal

Is your solar system has met end of its lifetime? Do you want to remove it responsibly & safely? We are here to help. At UNITED ENERGY GROUP this is exactly what we offer, Solar panel system removal and disposal.

Solar panel removal should be done carefully and responsibly to minimize environmental impact.

UEG can consult you professionally. We have licensed solar panel installer team or a specialized solar panel removal company to handle the removal process. They have the necessary experience and knowledge to safely uninstall and dispose of the panels.

Before removing the solar panels, we follow proper shut down procedure to confirm the electrical system is properly disconnected. This involves shutting off the system at the main circuit breaker and ensuring that no electricity is flowing through the panels.

The removal process may vary depending on the installation method. Generally, the panels are detached from their mounting structure by removing the bolts or clamps that hold them in place. The panels should be handled carefully to avoid any damage during the removal process.

Once the panels are removed, they should we carefully transport to a safe location for storage until we have quantity for recycling or disposing it.

So why worry? Let us handle the hard work and take care of the entire process. Call or make enquiry online and one of professional consultant will get in touch to discuss it further.

Switchboard Upgrade

Switchboard Upgrade

Upgrade Your Switchboard: Enhancing Safety and Efficiency in Your Electrical System

Is your old switchboard causing you headaches with frequent electrical issues, limited capacity, or outdated safety features? It’s time to make a smart and necessary upgrade to a new switchboard. Designed to meet the demands of modern electrical systems, our advanced switchboard solutions offer improved safety, enhanced functionality, and increased capacity for your home or business.

Safety First: Your electrical safety should never be compromised. Older switchboards may lack crucial safety features that are essential for protecting your property and loved ones. Our new switchboards are equipped with cutting-edge safety mechanisms, including circuit breakers, residual current devices (RCDs), and surge protection. These features help prevent electrical overloads, short circuits, and electrical shocks, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring a safer living or working environment.

Expanded Capacity: As technology advances, the demand for electrical power increases. Older switchboards may struggle to handle the growing electrical load of modern appliances, devices, and lighting systems. Upgrading to a new switchboard allows you to expand your electrical capacity, providing ample power for your present needs and future upgrades. With enhanced circuitry and increased amperage, you can confidently use multiple high-powered devices simultaneously without worrying about tripping circuits or overloading your electrical system.

Improved Functionality: Upgrading your switchboard opens up a world of new possibilities for your electrical system. Our modern switchboards feature smart technologies and advanced control options that bring convenience and flexibility to your fingertips. With integrated smart meters, you can monitor your energy consumption, identify inefficiencies, and make informed decisions to optimize your energy usage. Some switchboards even offer remote access and control, allowing you to manage your electrical system from anywhere, enhancing convenience and energy management.

Energy Efficiency: Outdated switchboards often lack energy-saving features that can help reduce your electricity bills and minimize your environmental impact. Upgrading to a new switchboard can include features like energy monitoring, load management, and power factor correction, enabling you to track and regulate your energy usage more effectively. By optimizing your electrical system, you can identify energy-wasting areas and make adjustments to maximize efficiency, ultimately saving you money while contributing to a greener future.

Professional Installation: Switchboard upgrades require the expertise of licensed electricians who understand the complexities of electrical systems. Our team of experienced professionals will handle the installation process with precision and care, ensuring that your new switchboard is seamlessly integrated into your existing electrical infrastructure. We prioritize safety, quality craftsmanship, and adherence to local electrical codes, giving you peace of mind that your upgrade is in capable hands.

Don’t let an outdated switchboard compromise the safety and efficiency of your electrical system. Upgrade to a new switchboard and enjoy enhanced safety features, expanded capacity, improved functionality, and energy efficiency. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and let our experts guide you through the process of upgrading your switchboard, ensuring a reliable and future-proof electrical system for your home or business.

LED Lighting

Led Lighting Upgrade

Illuminate Your Space with Brilliant LED Lighting Solutions

Welcome to the world of LED lighting, where innovation meets efficiency and style. Say goodbye to traditional lighting methods and embrace the future with our state-of-the-art LED lighting solutions. Designed to transform any space with their bright and vibrant illumination, our LED lights are the perfect choice for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Energy Efficiency Meets Exceptional Performance: LED lighting is renowned for its unparalleled energy efficiency. By consuming significantly less electricity compared to traditional incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, our LED lights help you save on energy costs while reducing your carbon footprint.

But that’s not all—our LED lights don’t compromise on performance. With advanced technology andsuperior design, they offer exceptional brightness and clarity, ensuring optimal visibility and enhancing the ambiance of any room.

Endless Possibilities of Design and Flexibility: When it comes to design possibilities, LED lighting takes centre stage. Our LED lights come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colours, allowing you to create the perfect lighting setup that matches your style and needs. Whether you prefer warm and cosy tones for your living room, vibrant colours for a party atmosphere, or crisp white light for a professional setting, our LED lights can be customized to suit any mood or occasion.

Durability and Longevity: Investing in LED lighting means investing in long-lasting performance. Our LED lights are built to withstand the test of time. With robust construction and high-quality materials, they are resistant to shocks, vibrations, and temperature variations. You can enjoy years of reliable illumination without worrying about frequent replacements or maintenance. Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your lighting solution is built to last.

Environmentally Conscious Lighting: We believe in sustainable lighting solutions that benefit both you and the planet. LED lights are mercury-free and emit significantly less heat compared to traditional lighting sources. This not only contributes to a safer environment but also reduces the load on cooling systems, resulting in additional energy savings. By choosing LED lighting, you’re making a conscious choice for a greener future.

Discover the Difference of LED Lighting: Upgrade your lighting experience with our cutting-edge LED lighting solutions. Unleash the power of energy efficiency, design versatility, and long-lasting performance. Transform your space and enjoy the benefits of brilliant illumination and cost savings. Contact us today to explore our wide range of LED lights and let us help you find the perfect lighting solution for your needs.

Emergency Breakdown

Emergency Breakdowns

UEG provides electrical emergency services to all residential and commercial premises. We will conduct visual, meter testing, isolation, and energisation of site power.

Fault can happen at any time for any of the below reason.

Overloading: When electrical systems are subjected to a higher load than they can handle, it can lead to overheating, tripped circuit breakers, or blown fuses, resulting in a breakdown.

Short circuits: A short circuit occurs when there is an unintended connection between two conductors, causing an excessive flow of current. This can lead to overheating, sparks, or electrical fires, resulting in equipment failure or power outages.

Faulty wiring: Poorly installed or aging wiring can deteriorate over time, leading to electrical breakdowns. Loose connections, frayed wires, or damaged insulation can cause power interruptions, electrical shocks, or even fires.

Power surges: Sudden increases in voltage, such as lightning strikes or utility grid fluctuations, can cause power surges. These surges can damage sensitive electronic devices, leading to breakdowns or complete failure.

Equipment failures: Electrical equipment, such as transformers, motors, or circuit breakers, can fail due to mechanical issues, overheating, or manufacturing defects. This can result in power disruptions or equipment breakdowns.

Environmental factors: Extreme weather conditions like storms, floods, or high winds can damage power lines, electrical infrastructure, or equipment, leading to electrical breakdowns.

Human error: Incorrect installation, improper maintenance, or misuse of electrical equipment can contribute to breakdowns. For instance, accidental contact with live wires, incorrect wiring connections, or inadequate grounding can lead to failures.

UEG will follow electrical safety guidelines, perform regular inspections and maintenance of electrical systems, and ensure proper installation by qualified professionals. Additionally, using surge protectors, circuit breakers, and other protective devices can help minimise the risks of electrical breakdowns.