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At UNITED ENERGY GROUP, we strive to make our best effort to keep our customers satisfied and exceed their expectations. We value our customer feedback and are committed to resolve any issue being faced by the customer at the earliest. However, if the need arises to raise a complaint, we have a procedure in place for effective handling and resolution of complaints.
How to make a complaint

  • Email: admin@unitedenergy.com.au
  • Mail: PO BOX 66 HALLAM VIC 3803
  • Phone: 03 8797 2894 or 0403420589
  • Website:https://www.unitedenergygroup.com.au/
    Complaint handling
  1. All the complaints received via email, call, post or website, from the customers are recorded in our system and are reviewed by our customer support team on a regular basis. Records of all complaints will be retained for five years.
  2. When making a complaint, please enclose the following details:
  • Full name and contact details
  • Nature of complaint, please include detailed information
  • Copy of evidence supporting your complaint
  • Resolution requested
  1. Once a complaint has been received, the complainant will be contacted by our customer support team within five business days of receipt of complaint and shall be notified about the expected time frame to resolve the issue.
  2. The customer will be kept updated via calls and emails about the progress or steps being undertaken to resolve the issue while the investigation is ongoing.
  3. The outcome of the investigation will be notified to the customer with in 21 days of receipt of a complaint.
  4. Depending on the severity of the issue or if there is a delay in completing the investigation due to unforeseen reasons, the customer will be contacted and explained the reason for the same. The investigation will be completed within 45 days of receipt of the complaint.
  5. Although, we hope that the complaint gets resolved through our internal complaint handling procedure, if a customer remains dissatisfied with the outcome of the complaint, the customer can escalate the matter with the following independent authorities:
  • Clean Energy Council
    Phone: 03 9929 4141
  • Consumer Affairs Victoria
    Phone: 1300 55 81 81