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Residential Hybrid Three Phase Inverter



  • DC 13.5A current input, compatible with high-power PV module
  • Supports application in retrofit scenario
  • Provides 100% power to unbalance loads in backup mode
  • High self-consumption with optimized built-in EMS
  • Remote firmware update and customizable settings
  • Lightweight and compact
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Dropbear 1 Phase

  • Single-phase 7.5kW continuous
  • Single-phase Up to 8.2kW + 6.0kW Fronius.
  • Max 18.9kW PV panels.
  • Battery Up to 14 x 4.1kWh Troppo batteries (max 57.4kWh).

Enphase Micro Inverter

  • Super high module efficiency and durability
  • Industry – leading shade performance
  • 40year product warranty (panel)
  • 25 year longest product warranty (inver

Sunrise 3 Phase

  • Power Output 10kW
  • Solar Input: Connect up to 13.3kW of solar panels to two MPPTs. Can also be AC-coupled to additional inverter.
  • Battery: 17.75kWh to 31.95kWh Pylon