Over the past years, we have provided quality instruments with an emphasis on service after the sale. We offer a variety of support plans to accommodate your laboratory’s specific requirements. We provide dependable and convenient service so that you can focus your time, energy, and resources on your priorities.
Since our inception, we have worked closely with customers to determine their needs and specifications in order to recommend the most suitable solutions for their respective applications. Our reputation for problem-solving prowess has been earned through prompt service and application engineering support, as well as in-house capabilities for vital projects. Statistical usage analysis allows us to predict the useful life of spare parts, allowing us to manage logistics and maintain adequate inventories for the benefit of our customers. The combination of predictive maintenance and historical data ensures that our clients have access to both parts and labor whenever they are scheduled for service.
We provide timely service and application engineering support, as well as in-house refrigeration, vacuum engineering, and electronics troubleshooting expertise. The services comprise validation services for all laboratory equipment, repairs of cascade refrigeration equipment, annual maintenance contracts, and biosafety cabinet decontamination services. We have Service Engineers who are factory-trained to install the equipment. If desired you can enter into Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC). In addition, we provide the full range of installation services, including site survey, installation, commissioning, site acceptance testing, and complete IQ/OQ qualification for all products. As a service team, we are customer service-driven and strive to provide the best possible service from start to finish while helping your company minimize disruption or equipment downtime, thereby enhancing your company’s productivity.